About European Skull Mounts using Dermestid Beetles

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European Skull Mounting is the process used to take a raw trophy head and clean all meat and tissue from the skull using any number of methods.  The method we prefer is Dermestid beetles.  Skull cleaning with beetles is the cleanest result compared to other methods like boiling and will not harm the bone structure.  Once the skull is cleaned of meat and tissue, the skull is then degreased and whitened.

The process we are most proud of and has set us apart from other skull cleaning is our degreasing process, without proper degreasing, skulls that look white and beautiful when you pick them up eventually turn yellow and gray with time.  At Double H Skulls we take the time needed to properly degrease all skulls before whitening.  After the degreasing process the skulls are whitened using professional grade whiteners, however, we do not use bleach as bleach degrades the bone.

In addition to deer, elk, antelope, steer, moose and any other horned or hoofed animal, we also clean skulls of small game and predators such as bear, fox, coyote, otter, mink, mountain lion, and raccoon and almost any other animal, bird or reptile you can think of.  

Please take a moment to see our pricing page for European skull mounts and shipping prices if that option is needed.  The Shipping page will explain the proper way to prepare your trophy when shipping to us.


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