Double H European Skulls would like to inform you of the special precautions when shipping your trophy head to us.  You want a professionally cleaned skull, which is why you are shipping it to us; however, the quality of the skull starts with your preparation and shipping.

First, if you are able to skin the hide from the skull it will reduce your shipping costs to us significantly as the hide is very heavy; if you are not able to or choose not to skin the hide from the skull that’s acceptable too.

Next, freeze the head prior to shipping if possible, if not either keep the head cold, or get it shipped to us as soon as possible.  Working with frozen, cool, or dried meat and tissue is preferred – if the meat and tissue is rancid, please do not ship to us as we will not accept the item.

When packaging the head, please wrap tightly in plastic wrap or plastic bags.  Then wrap the head with a number of newspapers.  Finally wrap one more time with plastic wrap or plastic bag.  Please pack the void in the box with newspapers or tissue paper as it will absorb any of the fluids that come from the head. Do not use styrofoam beads or peanuts which do not absorb fluids.  Packing with care using this system is important because you do not want the shipping company to discard your box because of the smelly, leaking fluids coming from it.   On the topic of boxes used for shipping, consider purchasing one of the many sizes of plastic storage boxes that are sold at almost all discount stores and retail chains.  Ship your item to us in one of these plastic storage boxes and we will ship your item back to you in the same plastic storage box once we finish.

Protect the main beams or antler/horn points with cardboard or paper wadded up and taped to the tips.  You don’t want the horn tips protruding through the cardboard box during shipping.

Include a sheet of paper in the box with any special instructions or requests as well as your name, address, phone and email. This is used for us to contact you when your item arrives as well as when we contact you with final shipping costs before shipping your item back to you.

Finally, please ship your head or skull to us by next day service if possible.  If the skull or head is frozen or you’re not able to ship next day service, please ship second day service.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us by Clicking Here.

****If you would like to ship an item, it’s required you contact us first.  We will confirm with you that we are accepting skulls and that someone will be available to receive the shipment.  Final shipping instructions will be given at that time****  Thank you