Skulls MUST be properly degreased

European mount degrease tank

Degrease tank for European mount skulls -- by Skulls by Dean

What separates average or poor looking skulls from great looking skulls isn’t normally the skull cleaning (removing the meat) process or the whitening process, it’s the degreasing process.  Here at SkullsByDean we go the extra step to make sure all skulls are properly and thoroughly cleaned (using dermestid beetles), DEGREASED, and whitened.  Our degresing process is typically 3-4 weeks for deer skulls and no less than 3 months for greasy animal skulls such as bear, pig, and most carnivores.  Yes it’s a lengthy process but it will result in a thorough degreasing process that will leave your skull looking great for a lifetime.

Because of our extensive degreasing process we needed to add additional degrease tanks.  Here’s a picture of one of our degrease tanks that is insulated, temperature controlled, and contains the correct mixture of degreaser that’s needed for the skulls inside.  In this picture I have a number of whitetail and black bear skulls inside.

Please make sure the skull cleaning or European mount company you use properly degreases all skulls.

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