European Skull Mount on Plaque - Skulls By Dean

Cleaned, Degreased, and Whitened European Skull Mount on Plaque – Skulls By Dean

Double H European Skull pricing on this page is for cleaning, degreasing and whitening your skulls. If we remove hide from the skull, that’s an additional $15.00 charge.  All shipping is additional.  Once we receive your skull/s order we will acknowledge your order by email or phone when we receive it.  Once we are finished with your skull/s we will contact you by email or phone with the exact shipping costs.  At that time you will send your check or money order to us and we will ship your item to you once we receive your check.   We typically ship UPS Ground or for smaller items, USPS Priority mail.

**Please contact us BEFORE you ship any heads to confirm we are accepting or that someone will be available to receive the shipment**

Cleaned European Whitetail Deer Skull Mount | Skulls by Dean

Cleaned European Skull Mount -Double H Skulls

For tips on how to package and ship your items to us please see our shipping page.

**Please keep the head in a Cooler with ice or a Freezer until you decide to drop it off.  Any head that is Rotten or with Maggots will NOT be accepted.**  (Maggots are a major risk to the Beetle Colony).

Deer, Antelope, Mule Deer $70.00*
Bear $90.00
Buffalo, Steer, Moose $200.00*
Mountain goat, sheep

Elk, Caribou



Coyote, otter, fox, beaver, raccoon, mink, small game,… $50.00
Plaques $15.00 to $75.00
Basswood Plaques for European Skull Mounts | Skulls by Dean

Basswood Plaques – Skulls by Dean

*Hide removal from skull by us is an additional $15.00

All of our plaques  are made by us in our New London, Wisconsin workshop.  Our goal is to provide our customers with unique custom made plaques, which will enhance the beauty of your finished skull.  Our plaques are made from cross-cut crotch wood, root wood, spalted and burls in apple, cedar, elm, box elder, oak, black cherry and ash.   We also have a complete line of cedar plaques cut from trunk and limb wood from locally harvested and dried white cedar.

If you have any questions on pricing, please contact Double H European Skulls by Clicking Here.