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Huge Elk skull European Mount

Just completed European mount on huge 2013 harvested elk skull.  Both boys are between 6’2″ and 6’3″ for size comparison.

elk taken in 2013 season and turned into skull mount-European mount

elk taken in 2013 season and turned into skull mount-European mount

Beautiful Buck in Velvet

Here’s a beautiful whitetail buck in velvet that just came in from a customer.  I will need to prep and prepare the antlers to preserve the velvet, then will skull mount the head.  Watch future postings to see this finished deer

Beautiful buck in velvet

Beautiful buck in velvet

Raccoon Skull

After most deer and big game skulls have been completed and shipped back to customers, I typically work on small game and predator skull orders during the summer.  Here’s a nice raccoon that was professionally cleaned using dermestid beetles, degreased and whitened.

raccoon frontraccoon angle shot

Weasel skull – only 1.5″ long

Here’s a great looking weasel skull, which was professionally cleaned using dermestid beetles, degreased and whitened.  Hard to believe these little critters can take down a cotton tail rabbit which has to be 50 times the size of a weasel.


weasel top

You don’t have to have a big deer to have a professional looking trophy!

Skull mounts make great looking displays regardless of their size.  Here’s a very nice skull display for a customer who shot their first deer.

Spike buck 1

Whitetail Antler After Repair

Here are two pictures of the whitetail antler after repair.  Please feel free to contact us regarding antler or tine repair, we’d be more than happy to provide a quote.

Finished antler rack repair 1 Finished tine repair 1

Antler repair photos

Each year we repair whitetail, elk and moose antlers.  Some of the repairs are more challenging than others.  Here are some photos of a nice whitetail rack that was missing half of the G2 and all of the G3.  We use “peg and sculpt” method.  With this method we repair antlers by placing a wire peg in the broken tine, then sculpt the tine replacement over the peg.  When this rack is completed and the antler repair is done, I will post “after” pictures.

Peg and sculpt two tines Peg broken tine close up Peg broken tine

7 weasel skulls

In addition to big game skulls, we also have customers who want small game and predator skulls cleaned.  Here are 7 weasel skulls that a customer wanted cleaned.  The largest skull is only 1.5″ from tip of nose to the back of the skull. 7 weasels 2

Completed deer skull order

Here’s a nice sample of a completed deer skull order that’s ready for customer pick up.completed order 2

Great looking buck skull – European mount – from 2012 season

Here’s a nice looking Wisconsin buck taken by one of our customers during the 2012 season.  The key to getting deer skulls looking this good is proper degreasing.   Skulls By Dean photo.

Great looking deer skull.

Great looking deer skull.